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Flood zone

The Doode Bemde and fields of Sint-Agatha-Rode belong to a flood zone. During large rainfalls, the Dyle and Laan treads their banks. Read more in this article.



Huis van Rooi is located in the center of Sint-Agatha-Rode (Huldenberg), a village in the valley of the Dijle. It is part of the green belt around Brussels 15 km from Leuven, 10 km from Wavre and 30 km from Brussels.


E 40 exit 22 Bertem- Neerijse - Sint-Agatha-Rode
411 exit 5 bis Wavre-Nord - Ottenburg- Sint-Agatha-Rode


Leuven- Ottignies line

stop Sint-Joris-Weert
(2 km)


337 Leuven- Wavre
Sint-Agatha-Rode stop Village (400 m)


Airport Zaventem (30km)