Some parents hesitate between a hospital or home birth. There is a third option, which is giving birth in a Birth House. Huis van Rooi offers this opportunity. Couples choose this because they trust in the natural process and desire an undisturbed birth. They wish to be able to make conscious choices for themselves. They are monitored by an independent midwife during pregnancy, may have taken courses with her and have established a relationship of trust with her.

On the day of birth, both you and your midwife come to the Birth House. She supports you and monitors the process in a medically safe manner. As with a home birth, the prerequisite for giving birth here is that everything goes normally and mom and baby are safe.

Read more about conscious pregnancy and birth on the websites and we are happy to work with: gewoon, and

Your dream place

During the pregnancy you will come and visit the Birth House. Then we can talk about how to create your ideal birthing environment. If you decide to give birth here, we will block the room between weeks 37 and 42 of pregnancy.
As a mom, you can choose to have a Woomb Blessing here at 37 weeks as well.

When the birth begins, you come to Huis van Rooi. That way you can settle down, set up your playlist, the birthing pool can be filled and you can sink into peace. As with a home birth, you contact the midwife and she comes when you need her.

Practical information

After the birth, you can stay here for 3 nights (or more). We provide 3 meals a day.

Rates: 500 euros full pension for your family for 3 nights

  • If you want to cocoon longer at this resting place, you pay an extra 130 euros per day.
  • Should you need to go to the hospital during labor, you are still welcome to spend your first few days here.
  • Should you not birth your baby here, you will pay 250 euros for blocking the room for 5 weeks. Cancellation is free up to one month before the expected delivery date .

If you receive an increased allowance from your health insurance fund, the rate may be adjusted.

Enjoying an undisturbed birth

Would you like to give birth at the Birth House? Feel free to come and take a look. You can ask your practical questions.


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7 January 2021

I came here during the postnatal period of my daughter and many times after that. It is hard to pick up the words to summarize the experience I have had with Nina-Bene and Hugo in Huis van Rooi. If you ever see yourself in a situation where you need time to stop, at least for a little while, that is the place where you can go. The long walks in the woods along the stream of the river, the wisdom in their words and advice, the love and freshness in their food, the comfort of their rooms, the generosity and kindness in their eyes. All of that makes you feel seen, cared for and gives you the opportunity to breathe. And reflect. My love and gratitude for this place is beyond words. My daughter and I will always carry the memories of Huis van Rooi in our hearts. Thank you, Nina-Bene, Hugo, Ringo and family!