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Hazelnut milk
18 April 2023
Story of Marc
9 June 2023

2 May 2023

What if it is only my head that makes something “heavy” or “difficult”? And equally “light” or “easy”?

What if there is-above the interpretation of my ego-no “heavy or light” at all, nor “difficult or easy”?

What if something just IS what it is-without judgment? What a relief! Then I feel much freer because then I don’t have to fight the “negative” or stress myself to pursue the “positive. Then my inner “neutral observer” just quietly watches what happens, without judgment but with attention. And if it just IS there, then I can also just BE.

What if my actions can originate from there? Like the spring blossom opens: from its core slowly unfolding its individuality. She does not question whether that is easy or difficult.

That thought feels like a fresh spring breeze.

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